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graphite crucible

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The graphite rotor and graphite impeller are made of high-purity graphite. The surface is treated with special anti-oxidation, and the service life is about 3 times that of ordinary products. It is widely used in aluminum alloy casting industry.

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Graphite Crucible

High-purity graphite has the characteristics of high strength, high density, high purity, high chemical stability, compact and uniform structure, high temperature resistance, high electrical conductivity, good wear resistance, self-lubricating, and easy processing. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, and aerospace. , Electronics, machinery, nuclear energy and other industrial fields. Especially large-scale and high-quality high-purity graphite, as an alternative material, has a broad application space in high-tech and new technology fields, and has a wide range of application prospects.
High-purity graphite crucible has excellent thermal stability, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, acid corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity and quality stability. It is a kind of very excellent performance in molten gold crucibles, and is currently widely used in alloy tools The smelting of steel and the smelting of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. However, improper use of high-purity graphite crucibles will greatly affect its performance and service life.

Therefore, relevant experts have summarized the following points for the use of high-purity graphite crucibles

1: The high-purity graphite crucible must be slowly baked to 500 degrees Celsius before use. After use, it must be placed in a dry place to avoid water intrusion.

2: When using, it must be added according to the capacity of the high-purity graphite crucible, and the metals placed should not be squeezed too tightly to prevent the metal from thermally expanding and cracking the crucible.

3: When taking out the molten metal after melting, it is best to scoop it out with a spoon, use calipers as little as possible, and pay attention to the action to be light, to avoid impacting the crucible to excessive force and damage.

4: When using high-purity graphite crucible, avoid strong oxidizing flame directly spraying on the crucible wall, which will damage the crucible and shorten the service life.

The high-purity graphite crucible has excellent performance, but in order to better use and prolong the service life of the high-purity graphite crucible, we must know the above instructions to avoid damaging it.

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